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Thriving in Phuket: A Property Management Perspective by Inter Property Phuket

Posted by SEOWriter on May 2, 2024

Phuket, a jewel of the Andaman Sea, is a thriving centre for real estate investment in addition to being a tourists’ paradise. Phuket is a dramatic contrast, with its modern property market and strong tourism-driven economy, while Chiang Mai is still a cultural sanctuary with a laid-back vibe. Knowing the differences in cost of living between these two Thai cities is essential for anyone thinking about moving to Phuket or making an investment there.

Cost of Living: Chiang Mai vs. Phuket

Compared to the more serene Chiang Mai, Phuket has a higher cost of living because of its immaculate beaches and luxurious amenities. According to our most recent data, assuming you rent in both locations, you would require roughly 111,451.3฿ in Phuket to maintain the same level of living that you can have with 79,000.0฿ in Chiang Mai.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Consumer Prices: 17.8% higher in Phuket without rent.
  • Consumer Prices Including Rent: 41.1% higher in Phuket.
  • Rent Prices: 134.5% higher in Phuket.
  • Restaurant Prices: 69.3% higher in Phuket.
  • Groceries Prices: 4.6% higher in Phuket.

Why Choose Phuket?

Despite the higher cost of living, Phuket offers unparalleled advantages for property owners and investors:

  • Tourism: As a global tourist destination, Phuket offers a continuous demand for rental properties.
  • Property Appreciation: Real estate in Phuket tends to appreciate, thanks to its international appeal.
  • High Rental Yield: Due to the high demand, properties in Phuket can fetch substantial rental incomes.

How Inter Property Phuket Can Help

At Inter Property Phuket, we specialize in maximizing the potential of your property investments. Whether you’re looking to buy, sell, or manage properties in Phuket, our dedicated team ensures a seamless experience. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Net Guarantee: We offer a predictable monthly income from your property, shielding you from market fluctuations.
  • Full Management Services: From maintenance to marketing your rental on over 20 platforms, we handle it all.
  • Personalized Service: Our approach is tailored to meet your unique needs, ensuring peace of mind and maximum profitability.


Lifestyle choices and investment objectives are just two of the many aspects that can affect where one choose to invest or settle. Despite having a greater cost of living than other places in Thailand, Phuket provides substantial profits and a lifestyle that is unrivalled. You can count on Inter Property Phuket to manage your property in an open, effective, and customised manner.

Get in touch with Inter Property Phuket right now to learn more about how to maximise your real estate investments in Phuket and find out how our Net Guarantee may make your journey an investment as fulfilling as the views from our stunning island.

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