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How to Become a Superhost on Airbnb: 2023 Comprehensive Guide

Posted by SEOWriter on April 20, 2024

Achieving Superhost on Airbnb sets you apart in the competitive vacation rental market. Inter Property Phuket offers this comprehensive 2023 guide to help property owners and managers like you understand and reach this prestigious level.

What Does It Mean to Be a Superhost?

Superhosts are Airbnb hosts who provide exceptional experiences to their guests. They are recognized for their outstanding hospitality, commitment to high-quality service, and consistently great reviews. Superhosts must meet specific performance standards, which we’ll explore in this guide.

Advantages of Being a Superhost

  1. Enhanced Listing Visibility
    Airbnb boosts the visibility of Superhost listings, making them more prominent in search results. This increased exposure can lead to more bookings and higher occupancy rates.
  2. Trust and Credibility with Guests
    The Superhost badge signals trust and quality to potential guests, increasing their confidence in booking your property. It often leads guests to prioritize Superhost listings when making their travel arrangements.
  3. Increased Revenue
    Superhosts typically enjoy more bookings and can often charge higher rates due to the perceived value of their listings. This status can lead to a significant increase in your rental income.
  4. Higher Occupancy Rates
    Superhosts experience up to 81% higher occupancy rates compared to non-Superhosts, translating to increased earnings and less downtime between bookings.
  5. Priority Support from Airbnb
    Superhosts receive priority customer support from Airbnb, ensuring quicker resolutions to hosting queries and issues, which enhances the hosting experience.

Criteria for Becoming a Superhost

To earn Superhost status, hosts must meet the following criteria within a 12-month period:

  • Maintain a 90% or higher response rate to messages and booking inquiries.
  • Achieve a 4.8 or higher overall rating from guests.
  • Complete at least 10 stays or 100 nights over at least three stays.
  • Less than 1% cancellation rate, with exceptions for extenuating circumstances.

Steps to Achieve Superhost Status

  1. Provide Exceptional Guest Experiences
    Focus on creating memorable stays by offering clean, well-maintained accommodations and thoughtful amenities. Consider personal touches like welcome baskets or local guidebooks.
  2. Maintain Active Communication
    Respond quickly and efficiently to guest inquiries and communications. Ensure you’re available to assist guests throughout their stay.
  3. Garner Positive Reviews
    Encourage your guests to leave reviews by providing exceptional service and a personal request at the end of their stay. High-quality reviews are crucial for maintaining the necessary rating for Superhost status.
  4. Monitor Your Performance Metrics
    Regularly check your Airbnb dashboard to track your performance against the Superhost criteria. This will help you identify areas for improvement and ensure you’re on track to meet the requirements.


Becoming a Superhost on Airbnb can dramatically enhance your property’s visibility, credibility, and profitability. By focusing on excellent hospitality, responsive communication, and consistent guest satisfaction, you can elevate your hosting profile and enjoy the benefits of being a top-rated host. Inter Property Phuket is here to support you with expert property management services to optimize your journey to Superhost status. Trust in our clear, dedicated approach to making your property management experience seamless and successful. Visit Inter Property Phuket to learn more about how we can help you achieve your hosting goals.

Here are 20 FAQs

For Guests:

  1. What is an Airbnb Superhost?
    A Superhost is an Airbnb host recognized for providing exceptional guest experiences through outstanding hospitality and consistent high reviews.
  2. How can I identify a Superhost listing?
    Superhost listings feature a badge on the host’s profile and listing page, signaling their superior hosting status.
  3. Are Superhost properties more expensive?
    Pricing varies, but Superhost properties may command higher rates due to their proven quality and reliability.
  4. Can I filter searches to only show Superhost properties?
    Yes, you can use the filter option on Airbnb to specifically search for properties managed by Superhosts.
  5. What benefits do I get by staying with a Superhost?
    Guests typically enjoy higher-quality accommodations, responsive communication, and a reliable, highly-rated host.

For New Hosts:

  1. How do I become a Superhost?
    To become a Superhost, you need to meet specific criteria set by Airbnb, including maintaining a high response rate, achieving excellent guest reviews, hosting a minimum number of stays, and keeping a low cancellation rate.
  2. How often is Superhost status reviewed?
    Airbnb reviews Superhost qualifications every quarter to ensure hosts consistently meet the criteria.
  3. What happens if I miss the criteria for one review period?
    If you fail to meet the criteria in one review period, you can still retain or regain your Superhost status in the next quarterly review if you meet the requirements.
  4. Do Superhosts receive any financial incentives from Airbnb?
    While there are no direct financial incentives, Superhosts often benefit from increased bookings and the ability to charge higher rates due to better visibility and guest trust.
  5. Can a new host become a Superhost quickly?
    Yes, a new host can become a Superhost after their first quarterly assessment if they meet all the required criteria.

For Experienced Hosts:

  1. How can I improve my chances of becoming a Superhost?
    Focus on providing excellent guest experiences, respond quickly to inquiries, and ensure your listing is accurate and your space is clean and welcoming.
  2. What is the minimum overall rating I need to maintain Superhost status?
    You need to maintain an overall rating of at least 4.8.
  3. Can I lose my Superhost status if I cancel a booking?
    Yes, maintaining a cancellation rate of less than 1% is required, except for cancellations under extenuating circumstances.
  4. How important are guest reviews in maintaining Superhost status?
    Extremely important; positive reviews significantly impact your ability to meet the required rating and review volume for Superhost status.
  5. What should I do if I receive a negative review?
    Address the guest’s concerns professionally and use the feedback to improve future guest experiences.

For Managing Multiple Listings:

  1. Does managing multiple listings affect my ability to become a Superhost?
    No, you can manage multiple listings and be a Superhost as long as all listings collectively meet the Superhost criteria.
  2. Can different properties have different statuses?
    Superhost status is tied to the host, not the property, so all listings under a Superhost will have the Superhost designation.
  3. What tools does Airbnb provide to help manage my listings as a Superhost?
    Airbnb offers analytics tools and insights, priority support, and other resources to help manage your listings effectively.
  4. How does Airbnb support Superhosts with multiple properties?
    Superhosts with multiple properties receive priority customer support and access to exclusive webinars and educational content.
  5. What strategies can help maintain high ratings across multiple properties?
    Consistency in quality, clear communication, personalized touches, and responsive guest service are key strategies to maintain high ratings across all properties.

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