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Inter Property Phuket Celebrates the Opening of Our New Super Office in Patong

Posted by SEOWriter on May 18, 2024


We are excited to announce the grand launch of our new mega office in Patong at Inter Property Phuket, a pioneer in property management throughout the largest island in Thailand. This development strengthens our position in Phuket and increases our capacity to provide property owners and investors with unmatched knowledge and service. It complements our current offices in Laguna and Rawai. Come learn about the importance of our newest office and how it puts us in a better position to manage and make the most of our real estate investments in Patong and beyond.

Expanding Our Footprint to Serve You Better

Inter Property Phuket now has a strong network of locations intended to offer comprehensive property management services around the island, thanks to the establishment of our new office in Patong. Every office is positioned to serve the distinct markets of the areas in which it is located: Rawai, which is well-liked by foreign visitors for its tranquil surroundings and genuine local experience; Laguna, which is renowned for its opulent resorts and gated communities; and, most recently, Patong, which is the center of Phuket’s thriving nightlife and tourism industry.

Why Patong?

Patong is not just Phuket’s most famous beach resort area; it’s also one of the most dynamic locales for property investment on the island. The decision to open our new super office here was driven by several key factors:

  • High Demand for Property Management Services: Patong’s bustling real estate market demands professional management to handle the high turnover of guests and the upkeep of properties ranging from luxury villas to high-rise condos.
  • Accessibility for Clients: Our office in Patong is centrally located, making it easily accessible to property owners and investors looking to discuss their management needs or visit their properties.
  • Enhanced Local Presence: Having a local office in Patong allows us to respond swiftly to the needs of the properties we manage, ensuring top-notch service and immediate attention to any issues that arise.

The Benefits of Our New Patong Office

The opening of our Patong office brings several advantages to our clients, including:

  • Localized Services: Our team in Patong has deep knowledge of the local market, providing targeted advice and management strategies that align with the area’s specific trends and demands.
  • Enhanced Communication: Being close to many of the properties we manage allows for better communication and more personal relationships with property owners and guests.
  • Quick Response Times: Our local presence enables us to address maintenance issues, guest inquiries, and emergency situations quickly and efficiently, maintaining the high standard of service our clients expect.

Committed to Excellence Across Phuket

While our new office in Patong marks a significant expansion, our commitment remains the same across all locations—we are dedicated to providing exceptional property management services that maximize investor returns and enhance guest experiences. Here’s what our clients can expect from any Inter Property Phuket office:

  • Professional Marketing and Booking Management: We use sophisticated marketing techniques to ensure properties are seen by a wide audience and booked at optimal rates.
  • Full-Service Management: From routine maintenance and cleaning to guest check-ins and support, we handle all aspects of property management.
  • Transparent Communication: We believe in keeping our clients informed with regular updates and comprehensive reporting on property performance.

Join Us in Celebrating Our New Beginnings in Patong

We welcome investors and property owners to visit us and learn more about how we can help manage and improve your real estate holdings. We are thrilled about the potential that our new Patong office brings. Inter Property Phuket is now in a better position than ever to offer first-rate property management services all over the island, with offices in Laguna, Rawai, and Patong.


More than merely an expansion, the opening of our new super office in Patong is evidence of our continued success in the Phuket real estate market and our dedication to our clients. Inter Property Phuket is your reliable partner in reaching your real estate objectives, regardless of whether you are new to property investment or seeking to enhance your present property management options.

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