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Inter Property Phuket’s Guide to Managing Guests and Tenants: Creating Effective Guest Policies

Posted by SEOWriter on May 27, 2024

Property owners in Phuket’s flourishing rental market, where long-term and short-term rentals coexist harmoniously, have particular difficulties. Making the distinction between a visitor and a tenant is one such difficulty. Maintaining legal compliance and managing properties effectively require an understanding of this distinction. This book offers information on when a visitor becomes a renter and practical methods for enforcing visitor policies.

Understanding the Difference Between a Tenant and a Guest

Tenants are individuals who have entered into a formal agreement to live in your property, typically documented through a lease that specifies their rights and responsibilities. They pay rent and are officially recognized as residents.

Guests, on the other hand, are those who stay temporarily, without taking on the financial or legal responsibilities of tenancy. Guests do not pay rent and are not included in the lease agreement.

Recognizing When a Guest Becomes a Tenant

The transition from guest to tenant can often occur subtly and without explicit agreements. Here are signs that a guest might be turning into a tenant:

  • Payment of Rent: If a guest starts contributing financially to the rent or utilities, they may be establishing tenancy.
  • Receiving Mail: Regular receipt of mail at the property can indicate that a guest has taken up residence.
  • Extended Stays: Spending an extended period at the property, especially if they have brought personal belongings or furniture, can shift their status from guest to tenant.
  • Possession of a Key: If a guest has been provided with a key to the property, this could imply they have more permanent access.

Legal Implications in Phuket

The legal framework in Thailand may differ significantly from Western standards. Phuket property owners should consult with legal professionals to understand local laws regarding tenancy and guest arrangements. Typically, if a guest begins to pay rent or consistently stays at the property, they might legally acquire tenant rights, necessitating formal inclusion in a lease agreement.

Drafting and Enforcing Your Guest Policy

Creating a clear guest policy within your lease agreements is essential. Consider these factors when defining your guest policy:

  • Duration of Stay: Specify how many consecutive nights a guest may stay before they need to be registered as a tenant.
  • Number of Guests: Limit the number of guests allowed at any one time to prevent unauthorized subletting.
  • Guest Responsibilities: Outline what behavior is expected from guests, including noise levels, use of amenities, and compliance with property rules.

Why a Clear Guest Policy is Crucial

A well-defined guest policy helps prevent misunderstandings and potential legal complications. It ensures that all parties understand their rights and obligations, reducing the risk of guests inadvertently gaining tenant rights. This clarity is particularly important in tourist-heavy areas like Phuket, where transient stays are common.

Tips for Enforcing Guest Policies

  • Regular Inspections: Conduct periodic inspections to ensure compliance with the lease terms, including the guest policy.
  • Communication: Maintain open lines of communication with your tenants. Make sure they understand the guest policy and the implications of violating it.
  • Documentation: Keep detailed records of all communications and notices regarding the enforcement of guest policies.

Consulting with Professionals

Given the complexities of property laws in Phuket, engaging with a professional property management company like Inter Property Phuket can provide invaluable assistance. We offer expert guidance on crafting lease agreements, including guest policies that comply with local laws while protecting your investment.


Knowing when a visitor becomes a renter is crucial to managing a rental property in Phuket. You can protect your property rights and make sure your rental investment runs smoothly by creating a clear and binding guest policy. With a focus on meeting the specific requirements of Phuket’s rental market, Inter Property Phuket is committed to offering comprehensive property management solutions. Get in touch with us right now to find out how we can optimise your property’s returns and help you manage it more skillfully.

This manual is intended only as a general overview and should not be used in place of expert legal counsel. It is advised to speak with a Phuket licenced attorney in certain circumstances to make sure that all local laws are followed.

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