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Navigating Thailand’s Real Estate: A Comprehensive Guide to Rental Yields

Posted by admin on January 8, 2024

In the dynamic realm of real estate investment, rental yields serve as a vital metric for both seasoned and novice investors. The intricacies of understanding these yields, especially in the domain of condo rentals, may initially seem daunting. But fear not, for you are not alone on this journey. As a real estate website finely attuned to the needs and challenges of investors, we are here to seamlessly guide you through the complexities of rental yield calculations, ensuring that whether you are a seasoned pro or just embarking on your investment journey, you grasp the significance of rental yields in shaping your investment decisions.

Deciphering Rental Yield: At the core of real estate investment lies the fundamental concept of rental yield. It acts as a barometer, offering a snapshot of your investment’s return by showcasing the annual cash generated by your property as a percentage of its value. This concept spans various real estate categories, including residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

  1. Residential Real Estate: From single-family homes to condominiums, Thailand’s vibrant urban centers like Bangkok and Phuket favor condos among both local residents and expatriates.

  2. Commercial Real Estate: Exclusive to business purposes, commercial real estate includes office buildings, shopping centers, hotels, and retail spaces. In some instances, large apartment buildings are deemed commercial real estate due to their income-generating nature.

  3. Industrial Real Estate: Properties designed for industrial purposes, such as warehouses and manufacturing facilities, are typically situated outside urban areas due to their size and specific operational requirements.

Calculation of Rental Yield: The fundamental calculation of rental yield, whether gross or net, maintains consistency across diverse property types. It represents the annual rental income as a percentage of the property’s value. Nevertheless, the parameters used in this computation can vary based on the property type, considering unique rental incomes, expenses, and property values.

Gross Rental Yield vs. Net Rental Yield: Let’s simplify matters by categorizing rental yield into two main types: Gross Rental Yield and Net Rental Yield.

  1. Gross Rental Yield: This offers a basic perspective on a rental property’s profitability, calculated by dividing the annual rental income by the property’s value and expressing it as a percentage.

  2. Net Rental Yield: Providing a more precise depiction of the actual return on investment, net rental yield is determined by subtracting all annual property-related costs from the yearly rental income. The net income is then divided by the property’s value and expressed as a percentage.

Example Scenario – Bangkok Condo: Consider a condo in The Ritz-Carlton Residences valued at 20,000,000 THB. Renting it out for 85,000 THB per month, the Gross Rental Yield is calculated at 5.1%, while the Net Rental Yield (after expenses) stands at 4.6%.

As you embark on your real estate investment journey, let this guide serve as your companion, simplifying the intricate world of rental yield calculations for a more informed and rewarding investment experience.

Net Rental Yield Unveiled

Unlocking a more pragmatic view of your investment returns, Net Rental Yield factors in vital expenses like maintenance, vacancies, property management fees, and insurance. The process involves a thorough computation:

  1. Identify Total Annual Expenses: Pinpoint all annual costs linked to property ownership.

  2. Compute Total Annual Rental Income: Calculate the comprehensive annual income generated by your property.

  3. Deduct Total Expenses from Annual Rental Income: Subtract all expenses from the annual rental income to reveal the net income.

  4. Determine Net Income as a Percentage of Property Value: Divide the net income by the property value and multiply the result by 100.

Expenses encompass various aspects:

  • Property repairs and maintenance
  • Homeowner association dues
  • Local taxes
  • Property management and advertising fees
  • Insurance premiums
  • Depreciation

It’s noteworthy that interest on your investment loan is typically excluded from this calculation. This omission stems from its closer connection to personal financial circumstances rather than inherent property costs.

Net Rental Yield Formula: )×100%

Let’s illustrate this with an example where total annual expenses, including management fees, maintenance, and insurance, amount to 100,000 THB.

Step 1: Calculate Net Income Net Income=1,020,000 THB (Annual Rental Income)−100,000 THB (Annual Expenses)=920,000 THB

Step 2: Determine Net Rental Yield Net Rental Yield=(920,000 THBProperty Value)×100

This insightful formula and practical example empower you to gauge the true profitability of your investment, paving the way for informed decision-making in the dynamic landscape of real estate.

**Unveiling Rental Yield Insights**

Delving into the calculations, your condo at The Ritz-Carlton Residences, Bangkok, boasts a commendable Gross Rental Yield of 5.1%, showcasing the property’s profitability. Factoring in property-related expenses, the Net Rental Yield stands at 4.6%, offering a nuanced perspective for a more precise comparison across diverse investment opportunities.

*Deciphering a “Good” Rental Yield:*
Defining a “good” rental yield is subjective, influenced by market conditions, property specifics, and individual investor expectations. Generally, a rental yield ranging from 4-6% is considered respectable, particularly in cities with elevated property values like Bangkok and Phuket.

*Analyzing Bangkok and Phuket Condo Markets:*
The condo markets in these thriving Thai cities are distinctly shaped by their tourism sectors and economic landscapes.

**Phuket’s Allure:**
Known for its enchanting beaches and opulent resorts, Phuket attracts a blend of short-term holidaymakers and longer-staying visitors. While condos here may experience seasonal vacancy rates, they can command higher rents during peak tourist seasons.

**Bangkok’s Urban Dynamics:**
As a vibrant metropolis, Bangkok is evolving into a hub for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions (MICE), alongside emerging as a digital economy center. This transformation fuels a surge in demand for longer-term accommodations, especially among tech professionals and highly educated individuals. Seeking quality condos in convenient locations, these demographics contribute to a consistent and steady rental demand.

These insights empower you to not only evaluate your current investment but also navigate the diverse opportunities presented by the dynamic real estate landscapes of Bangkok and Phuket.

Navigating Bangkok and Phuket’s Diverse Condo Markets

Comparing Rental Yields in Bangkok:

Phra Khanong vs. Asoke – 1-Bedroom Units:

Phra Khanong:

  1. Rhythm Sukhumvit 50: Sale Price – ฿6,000,000, Rent – ฿25,000/month, Rental Yield – 5%
  2. Q House Condo Sukhumvit 79: Sale Price – ฿3,700,000, Rent – ฿14,300/month, Rental Yield – 5%
  3. Life Sukhumvit 48: Sale Price – ฿3,913,000, Rent – ฿17,000/month, Rental Yield – 5%

Investors eyeing Phra Khanong may seize an up-and-coming locale, appealing to young professionals and expatriates drawn by its local charm and modern lifestyle, with potential for capital appreciation.


  1. Asoke Towers: Sale Price – ฿7,800,000, Rent – ฿25,000/month, Rental Yield – 4%
  2. The Oleander: Sale Price – ฿9,000,000, Rent – ฿35,000/month, Rental Yield – 5%
  3. Siamese Gioia: Sale Price – ฿5,655,000, Rent – ฿27,000/month, Rental Yield – 6%

Asoke, a prime area with higher purchase prices, may allure city dwellers prioritizing convenience. Despite initial costs, the potential for robust, steady rental demand could result in attractive yields.

Exploring Phuket’s Rental Landscape:

Kamala vs. Patong – 1-Bedroom and 2-Bedroom Units:


  1. Grand Kamala Falls: Sale Price – ฿5,600,000, Rent – ฿33,000/month, Rental Yield – 7%
  2. Icon Park: Sale Price – ฿6,468,000, Rent – ฿33,500/month, Rental Yield – 6%
  3. Zen Space: Sale Price – ฿3,913,000, Rent – ฿22,000/month, Rental Yield – 4%

Kamala’s serene ambiance, beautiful beach, and proximity to Phuket Fantasea may attract longer-term renters, potentially leading to fewer turnovers and lower maintenance costs.


  1. The Deck Patong: Sale Price – ฿6,000,000, Rent – ฿28,500/month, Rental Yield – 6%
  2. Phuket Palace: Sale Price – ฿4,360,000, Rent – ฿42,500/month, Rental Yield – 12%
  3. The Unity Patong: Sale Price – ฿8,900,000, Rent – ฿43,800/month, Rental Yield – 6%

Patong, famed for its vibrant nightlife, may attract short-term tourists seeking fun and convenience, potentially leading to a steady stream of rental income with considerations for increased maintenance costs.

Embark on your property search now to uncover investment opportunities in these dynamic locales!


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